RERA calculation of the carpet area of the flat

Calculation of the RERA carpet area of the flat

Even now most of the time many people do not know the RERA carpet calculation people get confuse in the calculation of carpet area.

I will discuss the calculation methods of the RERA carpet area which works for all the type of property, if you are buying for 1, 2 & 3 BHK.

As we have heard many types of carpet calculation from developers like , Carpet area, Build -up are, Super build up Area or Saleable Area, Plinth Area and Covered Area these are all the things use by builders.

A normal person when go to see the property so they get confused in all these terms. Some builders calculate the price over Saleable area and other one is calculating price over RERA carpet area.

I will discuses in details what is the actual Carpet area and what we get to use in this. From the date of RERA act there has been some changes in the carpet area calculation, some areas which earlier was included that is now not being including and some extra spaces has been included in that.


Before share with you details regarding the carpet area and all, I would like to discuss with you an incidence happened with my client who had booked the flat in Mumbai suburbs. As I discussed with my client over the issue of the RERA calculation of the carpet area of the flat.

Generally when we walked in the sales office regarding inquiry of the flat and see the sample or show flats in under construction so basically they provide details of the flat with the complete carpet area which we known as a RERA’s carpet area.

But at the time when client gets their final Agreement paper at the registration office then he got some differences in the sqft. of carpet area which was lesser then the committed at the time of site visit for enquiry about property.

As my client was committed RERA carpet area of 350 sqft. but he gets the 326.5 sqft. RERA carpet area at the time of registration that was mentioned in the agreement copy.

When client discussed about the differences of the mentioned carpet area then the developer said to the client, “the agreement is without the balcony’s carpet area and which is mention in the sales office paper sheet that is with balcony, but question comes here, if the balcony area is included then how the mention carpet areas is the RERA carpet area. As per RERA act when balcony area gets count in the carpet so it becomes usable carpet area.

So, when you discuss wherever with developers about carpet area that time you should clear each and every point very carefully.

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What is Carpet Area?

Carpet area is basically that area in which we actual use. According to map inside the external wall of all the area is calculated as Carpet area.

Carpet is a net usable area of an apartment = Living Room Area+ Dining area+ Study Room+ Bedroom Area+ Kitchen Area+ Bathrooms+ Passage Area and Utility area       (According to RERA now internal walls as well calculated in carpet area).

What is Build -Up Area?

Earlier builder calculated the price of the flat on Build Up or Super Build up Area. In this developer calculate from the external perimeter wall surface.

Build-Up Area = Carpet Area+ Internal Wall+ External Wall+ Dry Balcony+ Terrace & flower Beds, etc.

What is Super Build- Up  Area?

This also we know as saleable area before RERA most of the builder calculated the price over this carpet area. In this area cover all like Carpet Area + External and Internal Wall+ Balcony+ Terrace+ Dry Balcony+ Staircase+ Lift and if builder has garden, swimming pool and club house that also calculated.

According to RERA super build up area consist of  Carpet, Build -Up and Common Area like Staircase, Lift and Lobby, etc.

Formula for Super Build up Area is = Build Up area + Common Area

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